AddVentures is building a multifaceted ecosystem that brings the digital world together, connecting Banks, SMEs and Fintechs through a single digital interface

Digital is here, are you ready?

Today, businesses are looking for relationships that can help them expand, manage cashflow and access a wide range of financial and business services digitally.

Today, the most successful businesses utilise a platform model. They connect customers to a range of partners that can solve today’s complex problems while also personalising the solution for each stakeholder. This is how they create the value they need.

Utilising a platform approach can increase revenue by 2-5x per business customer. In addition, customers tend to have longer lifetime value, as they integrate their bank accounts with multiple services, making it less appealing to switch to a competitor.

AddVentures saves you the time, effort and costs associated in finding the right digital service providers. We have a un-rivalled portfolio of pre-vetted digital partners that offer the range of services your business customers need.

Using our market-place, you can instantly connect to multiple technology providers through a low-risk implementation process, while creating a new robust and diverse business model for each new customer integration

Try Out Our Beta Market Place Today.

AddVentures has brought together the global leaders in next generation digital services. Our marketplace of pre-vetted and proven business solutions, across a wide range of financial services categories, will allow you to offer real diversity to your business customers.
You can increase the value your business customers receive from their bank relationship while generating new revenue from integrations to the most relevant services available through the AddVentures market-place.


Services that range across simplified accountancy; automated tax reclaim; online training solutions; cloud tech and security


Offers modern payment solutions from alternative x-border money transfers to front end ePOS and mPOS solutions


Compliance and regulation with partners that offer innovative solutions around KYC, Fraud, Security and GDPR.


Alternative loans & advance services are transforming the industry, allowing you to serve the ‘under-served’ without the risk


Auto-wealth solutions provide your customers savings, utilising AI and machine learning to deliver strong value.


New generation of cutting-edge services including round-up, rewards, offers, categorisation quick signup etc


Refers to technology innovations designed to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current insurance industry model.


Reduction of costs of international trade, facilitate trade finance, and increase transparency in trading operations.


Availability of smart contracts, Peer-to-Peer transactions, blockchain-powered trading platforms, & decentralised ledgers.

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